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Watch: Trout TV – South Fork of the Snake

Trout TV visits The Lodge at Palisades Creek on the South Fork of the Snake for some great fishing. Idaho Fish and Game also explains their hybrid Rainbow / Cutthroat incentive program. Book a trip on the South Fork today! The Lodge at Palisades Creek 3720 Highway 26 Post Office Box 70 Irwin, Idaho […]

Watch: Landsick

For decades, Chuck Ragan seemed to be in constant motion, first touring with the influential punk band, Hot Water Music, and later as a solo artist. But in 2015, Ragan got his guide’s license and downshifted to life in Grass Valley to spend more time with his wife and young son, while putting clients on […]

Watch: Outside By the River

As soon as Jean Phillip finished his studies he waisted no time and moved to Gaspésie with his family to pursue his dream of becoming a fly-fishing guide. He embarked on a quest in trying to understand how to catch the one and only Atlantic Salmon, a fish which comes back from a long journey […]

Watch: The Lost Boys of Yantarni

The Lost Boys of Yantarni is the story of the quirky few, stubborn enough to live and work on one of the most rugged and formidable outreaches of the Alaska Peninsula – a Neverland practically unknown to the angling world. The allure? – giant, dime bright, Coho Salmon that charge into these mile-long rivers with […]

Trout TV: Beyond TTV in Tabasco Mexico

In our travels, we’ve found that most fly anglers are perpetual bucket-listers. Even without a solid plan for realizing their dream, fishermen have visions of exotic destinations dancing in their heads. Sadly, when the chance to travel for that first-and-only rooster fish, permit or wild steelhead happens, many anglers come away goose-egged. Perhaps it’s that […]

Watch: Atlanticus

Atlanticus picks up where many Tarpon stories leave off. This is not the familiar tale of migrations, worms, or flats. Rather, this film follows a group of friends on an incredible journey from the beaches of Gabon, through Mexico, and deep into Central America. Our team wanders off the beaten path to find Tarpon in […]