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Watch: Dubai on the Fly

The tallest skyscrapers, the fastest cars, the fanciest restaurants and the most exclusive resorts and clubs. When westerners think of Dubai, fishing is about the last thing we imagine, if we think of it at all. But at the heart of this fast, modern city lies a shockingly intact traditional fishing culture alongside a blooming […]

Video: Yeti Coolers Demo(lition) Series

The new Demo(lition) video series from Yeti Coolers just gives us another reason to absolutely love these coolers. Sit back and watch all 4 new videos…….

Troutsmith Films: Self Portrait at Flat Rock – Carp Fishing

A celebration of the solo mission, you can pick up a camera and a fishing pole and go capture the beauty and the dance that is fly fishing all by yourself. In this case it’s Colby D Crossland and Carp fishing in Northern Utah. For the connoisseurs, points if you get the double Kubrick reference […]

Impact: Mining on the Northern Edge of Yellowstone Park

An incredible group of landowners and business owners from Montana are standing up to large concerns with proposals to place large gold mines miles from the northern borders of Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition is a group of like-minded, lifestyle oriented businesses representing a pro-business alternative to the sulfite gold mines in […]

MotivFishing: Middle of Nowhere

[arve url=”Middle of Nowhere from MOTIVFISHING on Vimeo. ” autoplay=”yes”] If you have been to Fly Fishing Film Tour this year you have seen this. For the rest, here you go. copied directly from MotivFishing text……. In 2016 the crew at MOTIVFISHING set out on an exploratory fly fishing mission to a tiny Pacific island in […]

Watch: DIYAK

“I knew the fishing in Alaska would be good, but I didn’t know it would be this good! For me, it was just as much about the adventure as it was the fishing though. When a couple buddies asked if I wanted to join a 100 mile wilderness float in a remote corner of Alaska, […]