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Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Christine Atkins and Jackie Kutzer – Orvis 50/50

Orvis has been a leader in the fly-fishing industry for what seems like an eternity.  Recently they launched their 50/50 On the Water campaign, an initiative with the goal of seeing more women on the water.  From women-specific gear development to education & adventure experiences, nonprofit partnerships to women-centric storytelling, the campaign has been a […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Bob Hooton – Days of River’s Past

Bob Hooton is one of Canada’s most informed and long-standing steelhead advocates.  As a BC government fish biologist, he spent almost 40 years in office fighting to save our fisheries.  Recently Bob has published another book titled Days of River’s Past.  In this episode we discuss Bob’s career, his books, and where our fishery is headed […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Justin Duggan – Destination Sydney

If you’re looking for a fly-fishing guide in Sydney, it is almost a guarantee that Justin Duggan is the man you’ll be referred to.  Justin has brought fly-fishing to thousands of anglers across the world through regular radio, TV and magazine appearances, fly-casting schools, and one on one tuition — and that’s without factoring in […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Joe Brooks – Finding Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks…  The man has always been somewhat of a mythical figure to me, so when I had the opportunity to sit down with his great nephew to discuss a recent documentary they were making about him, I jumped at the chance.  In this episode, we discuss Joe’s life leading up to his career as […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Per Arneberg – The Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Per Arneberg splits his year between Norway and the USA.  A passionate and longtime angler & entrepreneur, Per oversees the management and operations of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club.  He has taken an active role and responsibility for continuing the NFC’s conservation work of not only the Gaula River, but wild salmon throughout its range.  During […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Tommy Aarkvisla – Spey O Rama

Tommy Aarkvisla is a world champion Spey caster and all around nice guy.  Hailing from Norway, Tommy kindly made time to sit with me during 2017’s Spey-O-Rama.  In this episode, we discuss competition casting and Tommy’s entrance into the Spey world. (Visited 2549 times, 1 visits today)

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Juliet Cohen – Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Juliet Cohen is the executive director for the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.  Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Chattahoochee River – as well as its lakes and tributaries – for the people, fish and wildlife that depend upon them.  I met up with Juliet for a quick discussion about the river […]

Listen: Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Miles Nolte – The Alaska Chronicles

From Anchored with April Vokey Podcast: Miles Nolte is a writer based out of Montana.  He is also a guide, teacher, and the fly-fishing editor at Gray’s Sporting Journal.  I’ve been a fan of Miles since reading his brilliant book, The Alaska Chronicles, and I was eager to hear more about how he came to […]