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Sure, there’s an incredibly important presidential election next week. But we also can’t forget that there are more than 40,000 candidates on the ballot across the country, from president and congressmen to town council members – crucial “down ballot” races that will have a direct impact on future environmental legislation. We know that it’s tough to be fully educated on each candidate’s stance on the environment and climate change, so Protect Our Winters has put together some tools to make it easier.  This election is being talked about as a referendum on climate change. Where is our country headed? Are we moving towards a future of renewable energy or a future of fossil fuels? This is not trivial. This election will determine how our country will combat climate change both domestically and abroad. But government doesn’t move unless it’s pushed, so it’s time for all of us who are serious about change to vote.

Protect Our Winters wants to help you make smart decisions across your entire ballot. We’re here to make it easy for you. 

BallotReady has created a nonpartisan voting guide with fact-checked coverage of candidates in most states all the way down your ballot. Enter your zip code hereto learn about every race and referendum on your ballot.

Some of the candidates running have been in office before. Do you know how they voted? The League of Conservation Voters has created an environmental scorecard,grading every elected official.

Need clarification on whether you can still register to vote, vote by mail, or where your nearest polling place is? HeadCount will break it down for you—just click on your state on thishandy map.

As Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard said, “All of us working together can elect the government we need rather than be forced to live with one we deserve.”

We have the opportunity to make this a historic election for climate change. Let’s do this.

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