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The Feather Thief

How an Obsession With Rare Bird Feathers Turned Criminal Innocently, at 10 years old, Edwin Rist came across an Orvis fly tying instructional video. Over the next decade an obsession from basic tying materials grew to being an award winning salmon fly tier. At 20, Rist broke into the British National History Museum and stole […]

Impact: Leading the Fight on Illegal Fishing

Non-Profit Oceana is using science data to combat commercial fishings abuse throughout designated Marine Reserves…… Global Fishing Watch is a platform founded by Google, Oceana, and SkyTruth allows anyone to monitor global fishing activity from their computer. —Click here to read—

Trade: AFFTA will move IFTD to Denver in 2019

International Fly Tackle Dealer Show Moving to Denver BOZEMAN, Mont. – The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) has decided on Denver as the new location for the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) starting in 2019. After careful consideration, research and discussion with our members, AFFTA is excited to announce that IFTD will be […]

5 Things I can’t wait to tell you about trout

Trout are smarter than people, so let’s try to even the playing field a bit here. Brown trout find themselves among the best to adapt to their ever changing environment. With almost double the amount of chromosomes than humans, brown trout have the ability to rapidly evolve but also leaves them one of the most […]

P.O.W.: Drop in & Vote

Sure, there’s an incredibly important presidential election next week. But we also can’t forget that there are more than 40,000 candidates on the ballot across the country, from president and congressmen to town council members – crucial “down ballot” races that will have a direct impact on future environmental legislation. We know that it’s tough […]